Hauméa, the Great Hawaiian Goddess of fertility and birth, gave us this wine with floral notes that evoke far-flung destinations. A wine which will transport you to exotic lands!
A turquoise sea, majestic cliffs and luxurious vegetation; this Eden-like archipelago awaits you in every sip.
Light, airy bubbles, bursting with flavour, sparkle on the palate and awaken your taste-buds.
Taste this innovative and seductive vintage which combines French know-how and fruity Spanish vines. Hauméa, an idyllic voyage.

The Range

The birth of the very first sparkling wine, in the South of France, dates back to the 16th century. This sparkling wine has therefore appeared a century before Champagne. It is with this know-how that the Hauméa range was born.

These fine bubbles and special floral notes are an invitation to travel, flutes rising and wines that sparkles.


Add a touch of golden sparkle to your evenings; this fresh and lively wine is a magical moment to be enjoyed alone or with friends. With its light, fruity flavours and floral notes, it lends a ray of sun to any season.
Feel like escaping to a white, sandy beach and translucent waters? Hauméa will brighten your life.

Pale yellow with green tints. Expressive nose of hawthorn, toasted almond and white fruits. Light, fleshy, soft palate driven by generous mousse with a lovely lively mid-palate and slightly fleeting finish. An enjoyable wine for relaxed moments.

Gilbert & Gaillard

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